Here you will find some tips that will help you select your Bohodot properly.

The first and main thing is that you should feel comfortable with your bikini, that is why it is important to select the model, color and size properly. As we always say, each woman is unique and special, so most of the time you don't have the same top and bottom sizes.

That is why, at Bohodot, we are of the Mix & Match philosophy and you will always find the same pattern in different shapes, so you can make the combinations that you like the most and mix the patterns that favor you the most.

Use our Size Guide as a base, but the secret is that you feel good in your Bohodot.

Bohodot's Sizes

TOPS : equals bra size

TOP 80 85 90 95 100

If a model isn't made in size XS, then size S will be great. If you hesitate between two sizes, better choose the larger one.

Here we explain, depending on the chest you have, which shape from above can favor you the most.

An important thing, almost all our tops are adjustable by the straps, they have removable padding, but they are not push up.

Let's see….

Girls with small breasts.

The models that tend to favor you the most are tops that have some special detail such as ruffles, bows, asymmetric shapes or textured fabrics.

Girls with large breasts.

In this case, we recommend models that fit your breast properly, enhance it and have more capacity, such as Halter type, curtain-type, with wide straps or underwire.

Bohodot's Sizes

BOTTOMS: equals pants size

BOTTOM 34 36 38 40 42

When you buy a bottom, it has to squeeze a bit. Above all, if it cannot be tied on the sides, it is better not to choose a size too large. The rubbers can stretch over time, and although the lycra is of the highest quality, it can always end up stretching a little.

A trick… the bigger the bum, the better it is to wear less fabric… it stylizes more and makes you a cuter silhouette!

These are the names of some of our patterns, in our shop, you will see the different prints of each model:

Bottom Mar Vol:

Braguita un poco brasileña. Entrada por detrás. Con volantitos en los lados. Para las que tenéis cadera, el volantito disimula.

Bottom Gum:

Braguita brasileña. ¡Para las que tenéis poco culete queda ideal! tiene un fruncido detrás que hace una forma muy bonita.

Brasileña Sun:

La braguita más brasileña que hacemos. Es bastante pequeña. Es de vuestras prefes.

Bottom Sea:

Pequeña pero no demasiado. Engomada por delante (sin costuras). Más anchita de los laterales.

Bottom Alta:

La braguita más de moda que os está gustando. Suele quedar bien a las que tenéis cintura. Estiliza un montón. Cada año arrasa. Si os apetece un bikini diferente ésta es una buena opción.

Bottom Aro:

¡Modelo nuevo que está arrasando! Es pequeñita toda ella. Tiene dos aritos dorados a los lados y se ata con lacito muy finito. Para las que os gusten braguitas mínimals.

Bottom 3t:

¡Una de vuestras braguitas favoritas, desde hace años! Es pequeñita por detrás. Tiene 3 tiras cruzaditas a cada lado, no se suelen clavar y realmente queda muy, muy mona.

Bottom Vol:

Brasileña por detrás con volantitos a los lados. Las que tenéis cadera los volantitos ayudan a disimular.

Bottom Big vol:

Pequeña por detrás, pero con un volante ¡gigante!

Bottom B/N:

Ideal para las que no os apetece ir con braguitas pequeñas. La Normal. Esta NO es brasileña, tapa bastante y tiene lacitos para que la regules a tu medida. Es más ancha. ¡Os encanta esta braguita!


Blondes and brunettes, light or brown skin ... everything influences the decision of what color or pattern favors you the most in the sun. In our shop, you will find many models, but we give you some advice that can be helpful.


With this kind of skin, everything is easier, almost all the colors look good on you, but even so, we suggest different options depending on your hair.

Light hair

Shiny bikinis are an ideal option if you tan easily and have brown skin. Pink, fuchsia, and orange are your allies.

Dark hair

In this case, we will look for the contrast of pastel, yellow, nude, sky blue, and models with some fluorine touch.


Light skins need colors that enhance the tone, but without creating very aggressive contrasts.

Light hair

Look for patterns with stripes or squares, in a range of blue, turquoise, or reddish and pink.

Dark hair

The prints in light tones and contrasts of reds will look amazing!

On the other hand, plain black would not be a very good option, better look for a dark tone, but with a print.

Another tip: earth tones make skin look warmer.


We don't forget about you! Your hair color perfectly combines with navy blue or khaki green. Models with spots or stripes, they will favor you to the fullest.

AND FOR EVERYONE... circulos-estampados.jpg

…The printed models!
They are universal and they look great on everyone. Romantic little flowers, small shapes of multicolored cashmere on a white background, we have ideal designs that will look amazing on you ... and on everyone!




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