Posted on05/29/2020


¡Hi, #bohodotgirls!
We want to dedicate our second post to sustainability. We are all aware that the planet needs us, that is why at Bohodot we have been trying for years to advance and respect the environment more and more.
Slow fashion, what is it exactly? It is an alternative movement to fast fashion, committed to quality fashion, which respects the environment and is fair to both consumers and producers.
From day 1, all our bikinis are made in small workshops near Barcelona. In each workshop there are about 10 women who do the whole process manually from the time the fabrics arrive until the bikini is finished. We are committed to 100% Made in Spain, we believe that local production is something very important and that it will become increasingly important.
What does it mean to bet on local production?

1. Reduce the pollution that would cause to produce in other countries by avoiding large displacements or intermediaries.

2. Support small businesses in our area that we want to continue seeing in the future. The power to decide which businesses will go ahead is in the hands of consumers.

3. Know that what we are buying has been produced under good conditions. Made in Spain implies that all workshops comply with current regulations and that, therefore, the workers who sew bikinis and swimwear have good working conditions.

 Sea you soon #bohodotgirls

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